Whether we like to admit it or not, money is important. Money is not inherently good or bad, but it can be used for either.  I have  a couple of simple money principles…

  1. More is better than less; and
  2. It’s better to have it sooner than later.

Common sense is supposed to be… well… common.  You’ve probably heard more than one person say that common sense doesn’t seem all that common these days, especially when it comes to money, but the lack of common sense is not limited to financial matters.  Since money affects all aspects of our lives, I will be writing about topics other than just dollars and cents.

DollarsandCommonCents is intended to share ideas and generate a discussion about financial and life principles that will help you manage your money well, increase your wealth, and use your resources in a manner that will make your life and world a better place.

While I’m not looking to be offensive, I do hope to provoke your thinking.  Thank you for reading and hope this forum will increase your dollars and common sense.

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